Thank You for Reading Chapter 1

Thank you to everyone who read the first chapter of Space Crush. This is an exciting time for me. It has been my dream to write and illustrate my very own comic series. I am very much influenced by many things. I love manga, comics and also anime. I actually began working on Space Crush nine years ago but stopped because of many life situations. I would write stuff here and there, but had stopped drawing completely. It wasn't until mid 2020 when I decided to start back working on it. It brought me a lot of comfort during the pandemic and my wife was supportive and influential in me starting back. The Lord has allowed things to fall into place where I was able to put out my first chapter on this past Sunday. The feedback and support have been very encouraging. I am currently working on chapter 2. I haven't set a date yet, but it will be released soon. Stay tuned and enjoy this image I made that features a character who will appear in the next chapter!